Phone Service:Sparkplug-Ip is a Business Phone System Service Provider that offers comprehensive solutions. We build custom phone system that provides a wide range of services featuring VoIP services, digital voice services, and broadband services among others within budget. We it end to beat any price, or we pay you $300 or send it to a charity of your choice. Here are some of the phone services we offer.

Local & Long Distance Service: We phone services through the internet protocol (VoIP) covering both local and long distances with high voice quality with exceptional clarity. It edges out the traditional telephone services and makes your business compliant with the growing technology.

PRI: Our phone service through the ISDN interface, removing the need for several dedicated lines and attendant expenses within an organization. We will provide you with local and long-distance digital services that will make your business communication seamless.

Structured Cabling: Get an effective structured cabling system from Sparkplug-Ip that provides a versatile telecommunication infrastructure, which comprises many standardized smaller structures or subsystems. It enables data transmission and telephone service through the computer network.

Cloud Solutions:  Our solution enables your to store, maintain, and protect your data, improve your applications, and enhance your video conference and lots more. We also provide custom solutions for business to meet specific needs.

Hosted PBX / IP PBX:  “Private Branch Exchange,” an effective telephone switching system that allows you to switch calls between voice over internet protocol (VoIP) users and a traditional telephone user within your company. Hosted PBX is cloud-based and accessible through an IP network.

Virtual Number: We provide our customers with virtual numbers for receiving forwarded incoming calls, SMS, and faxes to your pre-set telephone numbers, which can be fixed, mobile or VoIP to expand your footprint.

Virtual Receptionist/ Auto Attendant: Businesses with a first-rate auto attendant and virtual receptionist to handle and manage your phone calls and schedules at a fraction of the cost of hiring a receptionist.

Wireless Failover: We provide high-tech wireless failover, a business continuity function that allows your business to continue operating regardless of a network failure. We ensure that your business does not get grounded due to a network hitch.

Digital Voice Services: The technological advancements have enhanced the communication system by offering a more viable, feasible, and efficient means of communication via the broadband connection known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Unify your company’s data and voice with Sparkplug-Ip to leverage on the best digital voice services available.

As part of the measure to enable a seamless transition of businesses from the traditional system to the digital platform, Sparkplug-Ip builds custom phones within for customers for increased reliability, efficiency, and scalability.

Virtual Number: We provide our customers with virtual numbers for receiving forwarded incoming calls, SMS, and faxes to your pre-set telephone numbers, which can be fixed, mobile or VoIP to expand your footprint.

Voice Management Portal:  Our clients recieve a complete web-based management platform for VoIP, traditional phone or both services featuring functions such as call forwarding, remote office, simultaneous ring, and sequential ring that can integrate with your setup seamlessly.

Integrated Voice:  Businesses having the traditional POTS lines with a platform that enables smooth, steady, and systematic switching to digital voice, offering businesses the opportunity to keep their traditional gadgets and yet enjoy the benefits of the digital services.

SIP Trunking: SIP trunking accesses your IP PBX to enable the maximization of your phone’s capabilities via the Sparkplug-Ip internet protocol network. This service promotes your business’ productivity, and profitability while it also allows scalability to meet the specific needs of your business as it grows bigger.

IP Phones & Hardware: We provide custom phones to facilitate a smooth upgrade of your existing IP phone equipment or replacement of your old traditional analog equipment. Sparkplug-Ip strives to beat any price with top-of-the-line quality IP phones within budget, or pays you $300 or sends $300 to a charity of your choice.

VoIP Readiness: To keep up with the migration of the traditional phone system to complete digital system, Sparkplug-Ip builds custom VoIP phones with broad digital capabilities to satisfy the future digital migrations. To ensure that your system is VoIP-ready, a test will be carried out to ascertain the stability of your broadband connection.

Managed Services: Having a firm hold on your communications is crucial to the health of your network. Sparkplug-Ip’s managed services will let you have control over your communications from the basic data monitoring of network to safeguarding business continuity using powerful protection via various cutting-edge management tools.

Bandwidth Aggregation: Sparkplug-Ip allows clients to aggregate two or more broadband internet connections such as DLS, DS3, and Cable to provide the increased bandwidth to meet the minimum required bandwidth for business operations which is flexible and reliable.

IP VPN: Sparkplug-Ip offers secure remote access to several virtual private networks. It is fast, reliable, and protects private connectivity of voice, video, and data across many locations for a seamless experience.

Audio/Web Conferencing: Sparkplug-Ip offers both audio and web conferencing in a single solution to facilitate voice conferencing and powerful controls for the moderator too enable collaboration seamlessly among team members to promote focus and reporting.

Rebilling: Sparkplug-Ip offers flexibility in controlling how you are billed for your business communication. You do not have to start the payment of subscription all over each time, it is set up once, and it runs until you decide to stop.

Managed Router: Sparkplug-Ip manages your end-to-end network connectivity with seamless router management solutions, allowing you to focus on your business’ efficiency and performance. Thus, you do not buy or manage a router in your facility.

MPLS: Sparkplug-Ip offers Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) for directing data from one network node to another using a short path rather than long network addresses preventing complex lookups in the routing table. This promotes the performance of the telecommunications networks.

Spam Filtering: Sparkplug-Ip, through a program, screens your incoming emails to check for unwanted and unsolicited emails and divert such messages to the spam folder far away from your inbox based on the set criteria for the filtering action.

Web Filtering: Sparkplug-Ip makes use of web filtering to determine whether an incoming webpage should be displayed to you. The content or source of a webpage is screened and evaluated against the pre-set company’s rules.

Firewall: Sparkplug-Ip protects your business from viruses, phishing scams, malware, and all forms of vulnerabilities by preventing your employees from wasting the company’s resources on the internet and slowing down the network. Your network will be protected from unauthorized users and harmful protocols.

PCI Enablement: Sparkplug-Ip provides your business with adequate security for your stored data and an extra layer of protection for credit card data stored in your account to reduce the advent of credit card fraud.Online Management Tools: Sign up with Sparkplug-Ip to have unlimited access to several state-of-the-art online management tools that give you control over your telecom activities to enable you to make an informed decision. Be in control of your operations and ensure efficiency.

Support Ticketing: Sparkplug-Ip facilitates quick submission and management of support tickets independently through online support channel provided to enable you to save time. You can monitor the progress of the ticket from submission to resolution.

Voice Management Portal:  Our clients have a complete web-based management platform for VoIP, traditional phone or both services featuring functions such as call forwarding, remote office, simultaneous ring, and sequential ring that can integrate with your setup seamlessly.

Reports: We provides adequate reporting to help you keep track of your telecom activities. You can generate reports of your monthly activities from your account where you can generate a report of the monthly consolidated invoice and much more.

Broadband Service: Customer broadband service, the high-speed internet connection provided in different options such as cable, DS3, DSL, and Ethernet. This service perfect for a wide range of business communications and activities.

Cable: Sparkplug-Ip provides cable internet connection via the broadband internet. The speed is dependent on the number of people on the system, yet, it offers reliable connectivity for running business operations.

DS3: Our DS3, also known as T3, is a dedicated, high bandwidth, fiber circuit internet connection with up to 45 Mbps speed, suitable for business activities requiring fast and uninterrupted connection such as video conferencing, voice communications, voice and data aggregation, and electronic data interchange.

DSL: Get the internet service via the use of your telephone wires (Digital Subscriber Line) without disrupting the standard telephone service. The speed is varied based on distance from the switching station, yet reliable and fast.

Ethernet: Fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity via the fiber for data, voice, and video communications. It is an all-in-one solution for both businesses and homes supporting all your favorite technologies.